Spanish and Culture course


The Spanish and Culture Course aims to an active involvement with the use of the language at the time you gain a rich insight of Peruvian culture in a wide variety of areas such as: history, geography, economy, biodiversity, gastronomy, migration, among others.

The course is designed for students aged 14 and above.

Level of Spanish required: Spanish Intermediate 5 (Idiomas Católica) or above.

People interested in taking this course but not enrolled in our Spanish program must take a placement test at no cost to confirm they fulfill the course requirement.

For Idiomas Católica students with the level required, click here to register.


Modules* A glimpse of the Activities
Module 1 A visit to the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology in Pueblo Libre.
Module 2 A visit to the restaurant “Brisas del Titicaca” to familiarize students with typical dances and food from Peru.
Module 3 Different exhibitions, both permanent and temporary.

* Modules can be taken in any random fashion.

Frequency Pedagogical hours* per day Length of the Module Module Fee**
Daily: Monday to Friday 2 hrs. 1 month S/ 390

Prices are referential and are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

* Pedagogical hour of 45 minutes.

** Activities may vary and entrance fees and other expenses are no included in the course cost.


Students who successfully complete all the 3 modules may request a Certificate of Completion of Course either on-site or online. For information regarding fees click here

For further information about this course, contact us here.

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