Spanish for Foreigners


Our Spanish course for foreigners provides the students with the necessary tools to acquire the Spanish language in a fluent and practical way due to our holistic methodology and varieties of the language that our students are exposed to in our learning sessions.

Young people and adults from the age of 14.

Students with prior knowledge of the language may alternatively take a placement test at no cost or start from our first Spanish basic-level term.

LEVEL ORGANIZATION Daily Speed Up (see equivalences)
Basic 8 basic-level 2 speed up basic levels
Intermediate 8 intermediate-level Not available
Integrated Advanced 2 integrated advanced-level Not available
Level Frequency and Pedagogical hours* per day Length of each term Term fee (Peruvian Soles)
Basic Daily: Monday to Friday, 2 hrs. 1 month S/ 390.00
Speed up: Monday to Friday, 8hrs. 1 month S/ 1500.00
Intermediate Daily: Monday to Friday, 2 hrs. 1 month S/ 390.00
Integrated Advanced Level  Daily: Monday to Friday, 2 hrs. 2 months (See start and end of classes) S/ 750.00

Prices are referential and are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

* Pedagogical hour of 45 minutes.



Upon successful completion of each of our levels, you may request a level certificate on behalf of Idiomas Católica that proves your communicative proficiency in Spanish at each particular level and according to CEFR. Fees apply. See Constancias y Certificados.

Optionally, students may apply for the International Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) or the ones of the International Service of evaluation of the Spanish language (SIELE), which are internationally recognized.


For further information about this course, contact us here.

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