Spanish for Foreigners (Non-face to face modality)


Our Spanish course for foreigners provides the students with the necessary tools to acquire the Spanish language in a fluent and practical way due to our holistic methodology and varieties of the language that our students are exposed to in our learning sessions, lecture for this course is non-face to face modality.

Young people and adults from the age of 14.

Students with prior knowledge of the language may alternatively take a placement test at no cost or start from our first Spanish basic-level term.

How will classes be taught under this modality?

 You must join your online class via Zoom Video Conferencing Platform in order to contact your teacher and classmates at the time and frequency of the class you chose.

In this modality, your teacher will always accompany you in real-time, during the days and hours of classes, facilitating your learning process. Therefore, the achievement of your goals won’t stop!

Para acceder a este curso se requiere que cumpla con los siguientes requisitos técnicos:

CPU (Procesador) 2 GHz o superior Presione el botón derecho del mouse Computadora o Mi Computadora y seleccione Propiedades.
RAM 2GB o más. Presione el botón derecho del mouse Computadora o Mi Computadora y seleccione Propiedades.
Sistema Operativo Windows 7, 8, 10 ó Mac OS X Presione el botón derecho del mouse Computadora o Mi Computadora y seleccione Propiedades.
Ancho de banda (Velocidad de Descarga) 2 Mbps de velocidad de descarga mínimo y 512 Kbps o más de velocidad de subida. Utilice un test de velocidad de internet como
Equipamiento Mouse, teclado, audífonos con micrófono, tarjeta de sonido, cámara. Evitar utilizar el micrófono o parlante incorporado en la laptop. Cámara web para PC e incorporada en laptop.
Resolución de pantalla 1080 x 1024 o superior Presione el botón derecho sobre Escritorio, seleccione Propiedades, haga clic en la pestaña de Configuración.
Puerto Firewall 1935 abierto En la mayoría de las computadoras, este puerto está abierto por defecto.
LEVEL ORGANIZATION Daily Speed Up (see equivalences)
Basic 8 basic-level 2 speed up basic levels
Intermediate 8 intermediate-level Not available
Integrated Advanced 2 integrated advanced-level Not available

Next beginnings:

Frequency and Pedagogical hours per day Length of each term Schedule Term fee (Peruvian Soles)
Start Finish
Daily: Monday to Friday, 2 hrs. 1 month August 4th August 27th S/ 390

Prices are referential and are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

* Pedagogical hour of 45 minutes.



New or re-entering students without current classification:

  • If you have knowledge of Spanish or if you have already studied with us and want to continue the learning adventure, but your classification has expired, you can take our online placement test right now.

In case you want to start from the first cycle, review the class schedule, choose the frequency and time you want to enroll and write to the branch where you will study [See emails here].

Current students

  • If you are already an Idiomas Catolica student and you have a current classification, you must register through Idiomas extranet, and choose the course you want to study  (the branches and classroom are just a reference).

Once you have registered, students will receive a class code in your email for the Zoom platform, starting at 08:00 p.m. the day before the start of classes.

Only if you purchase the book for the presente cycle, an email will be sent to you on the day before the beginning of the classes so that you can access to your material online.

Once you have successfully completed any of Spanish course levels, you may request, upon payment, a certificate on behalf of Idiomas Católica of communicative command of Spanish.

We hope the information we provide is helpful. Feel free to contact us again in case you need additional guidance

For further information about this course, contact us here.

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